7 Deadly Spins Fastpitch

Welcome to 7 Deadly Spins Fastpitch! 7 Deadly Spins Fastpitch is dedicated to empowering softball players and helping them elevate their game.

We offer pitching instruction featuring Tincher Pitching. It is our goal to teach the fundamentals of the fastpitch softball pitching motion. 7 Deadly Spins Fastpitch based out of The Lehigh Valley. Lessons are located at The Hitter’s Edge in Whitehall; 3679 Eberhart Road 18052.

For more information about 7 Deadly Spins Fastpitch, lessons, and clinics, please visit the tabs at the top of this page.

Email: operations@7deadlyspinsfastpitch.com
Phone: 610-597-6099

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Alex MacLean is a Certified Instructor with Tincher Pitching. Taylor Emmons is working toward her certification with Tincher Pitching. For more information about fluid dynamics and Tincher Pitching visit www.tincherpitching.com