“Alex is one of the most talented, dedicated and hardworking players I have ever coached. Her love and passion for the game of softball has enabled her to become an awesome teacher of the game. If you want your athlete to reach her highest potential in the game of softball, Alex MacLean will get her there”
Sally Whittaker-Kahan, Northampton Area High School Coach

“With two daughters that range from 10 & Under to 14 & Under it is great to have found a pitching instructor who has gone through it all herself. Basic pitching mechanics, drills, advanced pitching technique and fitness and conditioning exercises can all be shown. After just 4 lessons over two weeks my daughter Jade, with a lot of help from Alex, was able to turn her curveball from a lost pitch back into her strikeout pitch. Thank you, Alex!
Chad Zamadics – Walnutport PA

“Alex was one of the most fun pitchers I’ve ever coached. Not only did she have the work ethic and drive to work hard daily, she had a great understanding for the basic mechanics as well as what needed to be done to perfect her pitches. She also has great body awareness and was always able to make adjustments on the fly. This allows her to not only demonstrate the skill to her students but is also able to describe what the pitcher should be feeling throughout the phases of the motion. Her “go get em” attitude and killer instinct also made her fierce on the mound mentally. Whomever has the opportunity to work with alex has found a gem of a coach.”
Sam Kszepka “Coach K”, Former Bucknell Assistant Coach, Current Juniata College Head Coach

Savana (my daughter) and I feel so lucky to have found Alex. Alex Maclean is a positive role model as well as an outstanding fastpitch athlete.  Primarily, Alex is a master of her craft.  She has lived and excelled at what she teaches. She is a genuine person and works to develop a positive connection with her students; as a parent I love that. As a single father, I love this ‘girl power’ connection that Alex brings to the relationship.  Alex is a cerebral athlete and teaches the entire sphere of pitching, hitting and playing fastpitch softball, including the physical, mental and emotional aspects.  I also appreciate that Alex is a driver, sets the bar and expectations high, gives homework and makes Savana accountable for her work.

John Patton – Nazareth, PA

Alex is a great pitching coach.It only took my daughter 2 weeks to learn the Tincher style of pitching. When she went to the Tincher style of pitching my daughter picked up at least 7mph on her fastball and has more movement on her fastball. Her drop ball works great as well; she fools a lot of batters with it. The way she taught my daughter how to throw the curve ball she could throw all day long without injuring her selfMy daughter is a left handed pitcher. Her change is about 10mph slower than her fastball. Alex is great about paying attention to detail she could get your daughter to throw 2 to 3 mph in one lesson. Alex explains her coaching that the pitchers can understand her. She will be a great coach for your daughter.

Michael Costenbader – Palmerton, PA

Thank you for your help with Valerie. Her pitching has greatly improved. I appreciate you pushing Val to train harder.

Bob Corby – Bethlehem, PA

Regan is very confident you will provide her with everything she needs to self correct. Thanks again Alex. It’s so nice to meet someone with such a great spirit. You have such positive energy and it’s refreshing.

Leslie Miechur – Stroudsburg, PA

Thank you for your commitment to my girls. I am so excited to see the results! We definitely want to continue with you.

Missy Maguire, Phantoms 14U Coach – Breinigsville, PA

I am so proud of Hannah. It is your coaching, Alex. No one has ever had the influence you’ve had on her. It’s been so amazing to see as her mom! Her dad and I do all we can but having you help guide her has been huge.

Kelly Barber – Northampton, PA

Hannah worked very hard, this past week doing her drills. She has confidence and threw a no hitter today! Thanks a billion for your help and encouragement!

Jim Ricles – Bethlehem, PA

Absolutely awesome clinic today! I even learned a few things. Denny Tincher is great guy. I would love for him to visit again in the future!

John Passamonte – Bushkill, PA

Thanks, Alex! Cailey is so excited, she can’t wait to pitch at practice tomorrow. This is exactly what she needed.

Deb Joyce – Chambersburg, PA

After Emily’s lesson last night with Denny and this morning with some of the other girls on my team interested in pitching, I am more than impressed with his knowledge and approach. I am so glad we are with you and not some guy trying to apply mens fastpitch to girls! I look forward to watching Emily progress through your guidance.

Rob Schlegel – Coopersburg, PA

Kristen was extremely happy after the session with you and Denny this weekend due to the fact that she was able to pitch with no pain. I cannot express how excited she was that she was able to go through the clinic at all. Her confidence was extremely high and it showed when she pitched in a game on Monday. Both her and Morgan drew their reminders on their arms and leg and I have to say she pitched a great game, more importantly without pain. This is exactly what we were looking for when we came to see you and I personally appreciate it!

Joe Coffay – Wilkes-Barre, PA

Just wanted to tell you Rach pitched her first full game “ALEX STYLE” this morning. Previously she would struggle and revert back to open/close….but not today!!! We have crossed over AND she did great, pulled out the win 5-0 and got mvp.

Pat Bassler – Coopersburg, PA

We love Alex. She helps her pitchers improve their mechanics and their mental game. She’s genuine, loves what she does and will be your daughter’s biggest cheerleader.

Anne Klepfer – Souderton, PA

My daughter just started with Alex last month and it’s already made a difference in her pitching and attitude.

Don Craddock – Slatington, PA

I think Alex is wonderful. My daughter has been working on pitching for a few years now, and she has had a few different pitching coaches; but she always struggled. Everyone, wether a pitching coach we hired or her team coach gave her different instructions, they would confuse her, they would always want to change what the other was teaching her.

With Alex she has learned more than ever before in a short amount of time. Her coach is pleased with her process and has agreed to let Alex coach her pitching. He has even come to a practice at Alex’s invitation and was very happy with the way it went. Alex has a way of teaching my daughter that she understands and in return works hard at it. My daughter has improved INCREDIBLY and most importantly she enjoys pitching lessons.

At one lesson my daughter was not focusing and wasn’t showing improvement and Alex told her nicely “I will not take you parents hard earned money if you dont want to do this or if you are not willing to put you all into it”…the next practice my daughter showed what she needed to. She had improved and was focused. My daughter realizes that although softball should be fun first, she needs to work hard and focus on her goals and not waste everyones time and money…what a great lesson for a coach to teach a child.

Kelly Aquila – Whitehall, PA

My Daughter started going to Alex and 7 Deadly Spins Fastpitch a little over 4 months ago. After hearing about Alex and this thing called Tincher Pitching from a friend of ours, ,y Daughter and I decided to go and sit and watch a Lesson. A Decision and Choice we are so glad we made. My Daughter was hooked from the first time she Met Alex and so was I. My daughter has been pitching for a couple years and was now moving up to 12U. In the blink of an eye she went from never even pitching a day of 12U to being a 14U tournament pitcher. She was nervous as was I about making this transition. We sat with Alex and explained the situation. She spoke to my daughter and explained to her if this is what she wanted she would get her there as long as she was willing to put in the work. From that point forward I have watched the change in my daughter. The passion for a position she loves and the dedication she is putting forward. Now working with someone who pushes her to be better and work harder. We look Forward to many more years working with Alex and 7 Deadly Spins Fastpitch.

Richard Braun – Whitehall, PA

My daughter has been going to coach Alex for 3-4 years now. I definitely see the improvements she has made in these past years. She loves Alex and in the past year has really been working hard on these new techniques that Alex has been teaching. I ve noticed more power behind her pitches and I can definitely see the power from the laces I get on my legs from trying to catch for her. Thanks for all you do for her and for being there to answer her questions no matter when she texts.

Amy Winkle – Northampton, PA

My daughter just started with Coach Alex and already we are seeing great things happening! She immediately started to see a few areas that needed improvement. My daughter was not convinced after the first lesson but agreed to go for one more…. After the second lesson, she is sold! Coach Alex is an expert in her field! She has a wonderful way of working with kids and getting them to listen to her instruction in a fun and interactive way. I would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about pitching!

Valerie Bond – Bath, PA

Alex has an infectious enthusiasm for softball and pitching. She loves what she does and it shows. Becca has gained speed, accuracy and confidence with every passing lesson. Thank you Alex for your commitment to all our daughters.

Erin Taney – Bethlehem, PA

In late spring of last year Mady began to experience some back pain while pitching. At first it seemed to be minor but over the course of the next few weeks the pain increased. We took her to our doctor who recommended rest and for her to take some time off from pitching. The rest aspect was easy, but if you know Mady she is extremely passionate about pitching. We began to research and learned more about how back pain for pitchers can be related to their mechanics. We tried some different approaches with her pitching coach but she did not experience relief from the pain. We made the tough decision to try a different coach. After speaking to several pitching coaches we were fortunate to find Alex. Our first conversation was eyeopening and we knew that we wanted to have her meet Mady. The first inclination that we made a wise choice was how booked Alex was at the time. That made us feel that she was in demand for a reason. From the moment Mady met Alex there has been a bond. As a father, I truly enjoy working with my daughter but know that she is reaching a level where fully turning her pitching over to a coach who has achieved a very high level of success was needed. Over the past 6 months Mady has made incredible strides in not only her technique but had matured as an athlete and young women. I am convinced that Alex has played a big role in this development. Her pain is gone and we love Alex so much that we’ve recommended her to several other pitchers who all have had great experiences with her. If you are looking for an amazing pitching coach who will work to develop your daughter I highly recommend Alex.

Joe Volpe – Lansdale, PA

One of the best decisions, I have made was bring my daughter, Kendra to Alex for lessons. Alex has helped my daughter with her form, speed, and consistency. Alex challenges Kendra to continue to work on the little things pitching as well as pushing her to get to the next level of pitching. Approximately, one year ago, Kendra was pitching on average 42-43 mph. She is now hitting 49-52mph and continuing to increase with each lesson. Kendra enjoys the lessons, at times Kendra may struggle during a lesson however, at the end of the lesson she continues wanting to come back to Alex because she believes in Alex and Tincher pitching style. As a softball coach, I find Alex to be an incredible pitching coach and possess abundance of knowledge, tools, strategies, and understanding of what it takes for young girls to become the best pitcher they can be. Alex is teaching and coaching my daughter so she can get to the next level of pitching.

Keith Fox – Whitehall, PA

Taylor is one of those people who puts the kids at ease from the first moment, connects with them, and starts getting results quickly. That smile never stops. It is so important for kids to have the level of trust, to become comfortable with an Instructor, and to be completely confident that they are working in the right direction. Taylor brings all of those qualities to the lessons and the kids respond beautifully.

Denny Tincher, Tincher Pitching

In late 2016 we approached Alex and 7 Deadly Spins because Courtney had reached the limit on her current in pitching instructor. Discouraged and not being sure if she wanted to continue pitching, we reached out to Alex on a recommendation from Courtney’s 14u travel coach. Courtney’s control and movement were good but felt her velocity needed to be faster as she moved into high school and higher level travel pitching.

Alex and Taylor helped Courtney by making some changes to her pitching mechanics which, in a very short time, enabled her to increase her velocity by 10 mph while simultaneously improving her movement and control. An additional benefit of working with Alex is her personal experience with the mental part of the game. This has helped Courtney immensely in her pursuits by actually learning from a woman who has done it for herself – this cannot be underrated, the importance of the mental part of the game. This, as much as the adjustment to her mechanics, has helped Courtney improve greatly by reinforcing her self confidence.

As a result, Courtney earned a spot in the starting varsity high school pitching rotation as a freshman and is 2-0, with the latest win being a shutout. We look forward to what the future brings.

Thank you Alex and Taylor!

Mike Wellet, New Jersey

“I personally could not be more happy with how Bella is pitching and how far she has come. She never complains about coming to pitching, she is just the opposite she complains when we don’t have a lesson. Beyond pitching you (Alex) and Dominique are teaching her so much more. She is much more confident and happy since she starting working with you guys. What she is learning is well worth the time and money we put in.”

Cortney Shupp – Danville PA